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Beeswax breakfastcandle - box with 6 

100% natural, pure beeswax - handmade
Of course, you could light any candle while having breakfast: But these small table candles made of pure beeswax already make a cozy atmosphere on a small candlestick. On the one hand, they are not as festive as large table candles, and on the other hand, not as simple as a tea light - special even. They also tolerate being turned on and off many times and still burn to their end.
They are a little highlight on every day, not only in winter when it is dark or raining in the morning, but all year round - a little extra, totally natural.
And, of course, it is not forbidden to light such a candle at other times.

Pulled table candles made of pure beeswax. The wax color can vary from light yellow to light brown, depending on the batch.
The candle burns quietly with a flame about 1-2 cm high and without sooting until the end.
The wick is made of pure cotton fibers.
The 6 candles come in a small brown box, ideal for storage and gift giving.
burning time: ca. 7 hours / candle
diameter 20 mm, height: 120 mm, weight: ca. 26 gr. [Aluminium 0.00 gr.]

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