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  Beeswax-Tea-candle maxi with alu-shell
Beeswax-Tea-candle maxi with alu-shell

Beeswax Tea-candle maxi with alu-shell [1]

100% natural, pure beeswax - handmade
Large tea light (6 cm) with golden yellow beeswax in an aluminium bowl. The wax colour can vary from light yellow to light brown, depending on the batch.

This large tea light burns much hotter than a paraffin tea light with a flame about 2 cm high - so try it for the first time when using it on a rechaud.
They are also excellent as a small table light or as a replacement for pillar and table candles.

The wick consists of cotton fibres with an tin base, which ensures a clean burning of the candle until the end.
The aluminium burning bowl can be reused when the tea light burns completely, e.g. for our tea lights WITHOUT aluminium bowl.
The delivery takes place loose in a paper bag.
burning time: ca. 11 hours / candle
diameter 58 mm, height: 23 mm, weight: ca. 55 gr. [Aluminium 1.50 gr.]

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 Anita B. at 23. July 2020 00:44: ★★★★★
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