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 bio-candles should have a certificate of origin, which can be inspected if necessary - so that also bio is in it where bio is written on it. [read more] 
 blow out candles is a must at the children's birthday party, but you should avoid it. [read more] 
 burning dishes Aluminum is very complex and expensive to produce: large areas of primeval forest are cleared in many countries to obtain the raw material bauxite. [read more] 

candela, lumens & watts 

candela in physics refers to the intensity of light, the term is actually derived from candle. The brightness of a candle at a distance of one meter is 1 candela (cd). From this follows that an LED lamp with the value of 100 cd is 100 times as bright as a candle.

lumen refers to the luminous flux of a lamp or candle. The definition of lumen is very scientific, just so much: lumens per steradian (cf. "funnel") are candela (lm/sr = candela) - and this gives a value of 10 lumens for a candle. For comparison: an LED lamp has up to 150 lumens per watt!

watt A candle produces about 50 watts of heating power - a person about 80 watts. 2 persons and four candles already result in a small additional heating ...

 candle remains you must not throw away, but collect and then write to us. [read more] 
 odour absorber Candles somehow absorb unpleasant odours. [read more] 
 scented candles If a scented candle contains natural aromas this may be okay. [read more] 
 security Do not leave burning candles unattended. [read more] 
 snuff is the name of the charred end of a candle wick, which should be snapped off before the candle is lit again. [read more] 
 soot Candles from all waxes emit combustion products only low quantities of pollutants, so they are probably not harmful. [read more] 
 THE eco-candle is, in my opinion, a candle made of pure beeswax, regardless of whether it is a table or pillar candle or a tealight without an aluminum bowl. [read more] 
 wicks We use different wicks. [read more] 
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