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How do you become a candlemaker and candle dealer?
I am a hobby beekeeper and have been making candles from my own beeswax for many years. It's a job that gives a lot of pleasure by working with the wonderful material and the whole place smells like honey. Then two aspects were added:
One was the annoyance about bought candles, which are on the one hand made of crude oil and on the other hand can not be used after two thirds of their size, because the wick drowned or the candle could not bear its own heat. So we melted the remains down again and made tea lights out of them, the equipment was there.
Now an alternative to beeswax candles was missing, which on the one hand should be environmentally friendly and on the other hand attractive in price: We found it in rapeseed wax.
So the idea for this shop was born.
We also want to be environmentally friendly in our small business by using packaging made of recycled material and e.g. paper tape instead of PVC tape. All prices are calculated in such a way that our suppliers get fair prices and our dear helpers (who join in for fun) theoretically get the minimum wage.
I hope you like this approach and I am looking forward to your recommendations. Rolf
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