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 beeswax is a natural waste product of beekeeping. [read more] 

Paraffin wax 

is a by-product of oil processing. It is official considered to be harmless to health and is a pure white, almost odourless product, which is also used for packaging foodstuffs such as cheese.
For many years, almost all candles were made of paraffin wax, as it is an excellent raw material for candle production on the one hand and comparatively cheap on the other. Pure paraffin wax is now quite expensive and is nowadays often blended with other fats and stearin.
When burning, paraffin candles produce a number of questionable substances, including hydrocarbons such as benzene and toluene. Ideally, paraffin burns to water and carbon dioxide, which would be completely harmless. However, a candle flame does not reach the temperatures required for this, so that unhealthy substances are also produced during combustion. Such harmful emissions can be a possible trigger for many complaints, some of which may even go unnoticed. For example, suspected allergies or respiratory problems could actually be caused by air-polluting substances from burning candles. Paraffin candles have a low melting point and tend to deform in sunlight, for example.
Almost all candles from the department store or supermarket are paraffin candles!
We use paraffin only in conjunction with our recycled candles.
 rapewax is vegan and consists of hardened rape oil and has a rape oil content of more than 90 percent. [read more] 
 soywax is a vegetable wax extracted from the oil of soybeans, so it is vegan. [read more] 
 stearin is mostly extracted from vegetable and thus renewable raw materials such as palm and coconut oil (!). [read more] 
 sunflowerwax Usually a mixture of sunflower wax, soy wax and palm wax 
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