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 beeswax is a natural waste product of beekeeping. [read more] 
 Paraffin wax is a by-product of oil processing. [read more] 
 rapewax is vegan and consists of hardened rape oil and has a rape oil content of more than 90 percent. [read more] 


is a vegetable wax extracted from the oil of soybeans, so it is vegan. It is made by hydrogenation. Under high pressure of approx. 200 bar and at a high temperature of 200 to 300 °C, soybean oil is reacted with ultrapure hydrogen in the presence of a metallic catalyst, usually nickel, to form a wax-like mass with a high proportion of stearic acid. The disadvantage is that it is almost impossible to produce drip-free soy candles so far, the wax is mostly only used for tea lights or glass candles. [Wikipedia]
Soy wax is usually mixed with stearin (palm oil) for better strength.
 stearin is mostly extracted from vegetable and thus renewable raw materials such as palm and coconut oil (!). [read more] 
 sunflowerwax Usually a mixture of sunflower wax, soy wax and palm wax 
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